How to Decide What is Trending with Android SlingShot

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Are you looking for a new app for your Android device? Let me introduce you a new tool, the Android SlingShot; and I have to tell you from the start that I personally find this software as being one of the greatest apps that you can use in your smartphone. From the makers of Wishbone, Slingshot can actually be your go-to for comparing everything and anything wherever you are in a mood!

To be more precise, the Android app successfully covers a wide range of topics such as video games, celebrities, humor, sports, music, travel and pretty much anything you can be interested about. It’s true that about 30% of the featured posts are sports related, but if this is not what you are looking for, then don’t hesitate to simply skip posts and find better choices.

After that, it’s time to vote on everything you care about and decide what is trending in every single domain. Then, note that you get a new SlingShot DAILY DOZEN which is a series of 12 questions with two very different choices. See how you choose compared to your friends and the community. And there are even some of the best images and funky videos, which you can send to your friends.

So, this is a light app, it’s both addictive and relaxing, so why not giving it a try? If you are in a mood for something different, then don’t hesitate to grab it from here and install SlingShot straight onto your Android handset.

However, although I encourage you to do that, there is also something that you should be aware of from the start: I am referring to those ads that tend to invade our life, but this is the price to pay for enjoying this app for free!

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