How to Root LG G5 with Android Root Pro

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When it comes to Samsung’s latest smartphone, some S7 and S7 Edges are rootable, and some aren’t. The former are the global models which have Exynos processors, and the latter are the US models equipped with Snapdragon 820 processors. Those devices’ bootloaders are locked, and this means that there is no way to root them at the moment, but that’s too bad for the owners of those handsets.

Your smartphone is an LG G5 and rooting is possible! I know why you have that in mind! There is no mystery that rooting a smartphone allows users system access to their Android device, giving capabilities to enhance, modify and customize the appearance and functions of the LG G5, to keep it updated to the latest Android OS without waiting for official push and to boost overall performance and extent battery life by killing background apps.

However, before rooting your LG G5 you need to know exactly what model you have as long as installing the package made on another model may turn it into an expensive paperweight.

Install appropriate USB drivers for your LG smartphone on your PC and don’t forget that such a guide is likely to wipe out all data of the phone, create a backup using custom recovery.

Your LG G5 should have above 80% battery to avoid unusual shutdown during the rooting process due to lack of battery. Rooting the device will void the device of its manufacturer’s warranty and it might lead to bricking your handset.

However, this shouldn’t happen if you pay attention and this is the simplest guide that you can find on how to root LG G5 with Android Lollipop or Android Marshmallow. Android Root Pro is a desktop computer that works great on Windows, so you should have your Windows computer with the G5 USB drivers installed, along with the workable USB cable to connect the smartphone to computer. And don’t forget to turn On USB Debugging on LG G5.

How to Root LG G5 with Android Root Pro:

  1. Take Android Root Pro from here;
  2. Install it on your computer with default instructions;
  3. Then, you must open the program;
  4. The program needs the device to be connected to a computer so it can access the device via USB cable;
  5. Once connected, the device name will be displayed on the program. If not, this means that you need to download the latest USB drivers from the official LG site;
  6. Click the Root Now option in order to start the real rooting process. You can see a progress bar on the screen indicating how much percent the job is done.

I have to tell you from the start that this will take around 20 minutes (more or less) to complete the rooting because it involves multiple tasks in this step.

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