Mugen Power Extends the Battery of Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 is well-known for its sophisticated apps but with a poor battery life at a certain point, that cannot cope with the customer`s high demands in some cases. So far, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has delivered performance and we cannot blame it for its battery. With its huge 3.200 mAh battery the display can hold-up a whole day. But it seems to fail at some point, when the user needs to access different important apps. This is a perfect moment for Mugen Power to take care of your phablet whenever you are not around a charger to plug in your battery, since it comes with a back-up of 6.500 mAh tank battery.

Galaxy Note 3 is a powerful device with a well-built hardware that requires a lot of power, and a user might have high demands when accessing certain apps that needs heavy battery usage. And a half day`s power will not satisfy his needs. This is where Mugen Power comes in.

Mugen Power claims to provide an extended life battery that should keep the device active more than a day and can be bought at the price of $98.50. We tend to believe this information since, in the past, Mugen Power released several batteries for the famous Samsung and kept its promise.

Extend battery life of Galaxy Note 3

Extend battery life of Galaxy Note 3

The HLI-9005XL is designed to double the capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 original battery; there is though, let`s say a minus for this device: like other extended batteries, this one also come with a rear cover which will be added to the thickness of the device and that to make space for the extra battery. This will somehow affect its beautiful and thick size. Aside from that, there are no other inconveniences regarding the size of the battery.

If you decide to purchase the new extended battery HLI-9005XL, you can access the Mugen`s website and order it from there. Please do share with us your choice and if the battery has successfully delivered its promise.