Action Launcher 2.0 Updated With Free Version and New Features

When you are searching for third party launchers for your Android handset, there are plenty of options available. As launchers, users preferred Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, or Apex Launcher. However, of the most used is in fact the Action Launcher. During the time, it has cost a few dollars, but now, the launcher has been updated and it comes with a new free version.

The Action Launcher is pretty much like a stock launcher in what is the appearance is concerned. Nonetheless, this can also be changed if you feel like you need something new. The app has custom icon support, and in the same time, it provides users the possibility to add custom covers and slide out menus. As a matter of fact, you will not be able to get these features with other launchers.

Action Launcher Updated to 2.0 Version

Action Launcher 2.0 Updated With Free Version and New Features

As a basic purpose, Action launched allows users to access any app they want, from anywhere in their phone. Its goal is to make browsing much easier than before while accessing the apps you want will less trouble.

Related to the new free version, before, users were supposed to go all-in with a $3.99 purchase of Action launcher, but now, the basic app is free of charge. If you want to taste the “Pro” version, you will have to pay a small fee of $1.99 as the Premium account. In case you already purchased the Action Launcher, now, you will have your version turned into an unlock key, and you will be prompted to download the most up-to-date version of the “free” app in order to take advantage of the latest features.

In the same time, the release is celebrated through a 50% discount of the Pro version. However, if you are interested in purchasing this package, you should better hurry up because it is available for a limited time.

Besides the new free version, Action Launcher Pro has been updated to version 2.0, and it brings multiple new features and improvements. All these changes and improvements are meant to help user enhance multitasking on their smart device while taking advantage of the best apps.

Source: AndroidCentral