Install SuperStar BTS 1.0.3 APK for Android

If you are also a music lover, surely BTS is a group worthy of your attention. Do you love KPop and SuperStar? If you are a fan of this world famous group, you will love SuperStar BTS 1.0.3 APK as it includes all the legendary songs of the team from debut to the latest songs, always ready for you to play and enjoy it.

What is more attractive than playing your favourite song yourself and gaining a high score with it? SuperStar BTS also has a competitive mode, play the album perfectly to rank yourself higher and get rewards. And I can assure you of the fact that there will be lots of missions to be made daily that and that you will get a lot of experience points to level up.

Do not worry about clearing all your daily tasks as they are constantly adding. You can play until you’re tired and get more and more bonuses each time. Just remember that SuperStar BTS requires you to grant access to the application so that they can provide the most convenient support and features of the game. If you want to revoke access to the game, then you can follow the instructions: Settings> SuperStar BTS> Access Agree or Access Revoke.

SuperStar BTS is released on Android and you can enjoy this free music game right away, even if it is in APK form. Here’s what you must do:

Install SuperStar BTS 1.0.3 APK for Android:

  1. The first thing that you must do is to take SuperStar BTS 1.0.3 APK for Android;
  2. Copy the downloaded APK on your Android device;
  3. To install APK files from other sources, you have no other way but to go to Setting >> Security >> Allow Unknown Sources. Once you check this option, you are ready for the next step of the procedure;
  4. It’s time to start the installation, so tap the downloaded APK;
  5. After completion, run SuperStar BTS and play some music.