Sprint`s LTE to Roll-Out On 70 New Markets Nationwide

We might think of Sprint as being a true pioneer in rolling-out LTE on a quick run. But compared to other top-leading carriers in the US like Verizon, AT&T or T-mobile, Sprint had a rather slow start in implementing the LTE`s nationwide. But today we all had a wonderful surprise when the fourth-positioned carrier announced their intentions of rolling-out another 70 new LTE markets around the US. With this number, the company reaches a total of 300 markets to be covered in the entire country.

The put it shortly, as the list is a very long one, there are a lot of important locations where Sprint is camping, starting with today. The LTE markets include Green Bay, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, San Diego, Orlando and all the way to Florida or Twin Falls, Idaho.

I also find the Sprint`s project very important as the carrier also plans to upgrade its existing market list with an innovative strategy scheme plan called “Sprint Spark”. The carrier states that this investment is “a network capability that uses three spectrum frequencies to deliver peak 4G LTE wireless data speeds of 50-60Mbps”, to state Sprint.

Sprint`s LTE to Roll-Out on 70 New Markets Nationwide

Sprint`s LTE to Roll-Out on 70 New Markets Nationwide

This is quite a smart move from Sprint on their dream to conquer the entire nation. Is it worth-trying or just another dust in the wind? Below you have the full list of Sprint Coverage extension and if you would like to check out the interactive map of coverage you can go directly to Sprint Coverage Check website.

Sprint Coverage extended 2013

Please do share your opinions on this matter and if Sprint is doing a great when moving forward to a new era of full HD voice coverage that could provide users nationwide with a good sense of stability and quality when engaging themselves into long calls.