Droid Zap Comes with Zap Zone and Other Functionalities

Droid Zap is an interesting video sharing app that has debuted with Verizon’s latest Droid devices – Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx and Droid Mini as well. Now, we want to announce you that it is opening up to all phones that feature at least Android 4.0 operating system. Why should you take it into consideration? We have one good reason for that: this app makes it easier than ever to share videos or pictures between handsets by simply opening the app and swiping on the display with two fingers. Moreover, it comes with Zap Zone and other functionalities and here we are to tell you all about them:

New look and Main Functionally

Now that Motorola has released a major update to the Droid Zap app, we are finally talking about support for all Android phones. To be more precise, the ability to send and receive is available to every device and the best part is that the app has been redesigned as well for this major change.

Droid Zap Comes with Zap Zone and Other Functionalities

Droid Zap Comes with Zap Zone and Other Functionalities

Although it doesn’t scream ‘Droid’ anymore, its main functionality remains unchanged: you have to choose a certain a photo or video, then swipe up on the display using two fingers and anyone who is nearby in that moment (with Droid Zap installed) can swipe down and receive what you are sending. If you want to add a password, you can do so, or you can simply leave it open to anyone – it’s all up to you!

And we can assure you that sharing images with this latest version 2.1 of the Droid Zap app works flawless, just like it happened when it was a Droid-only app!

Zap Zone

We have previously mentioned a new feature called Zap Zone, we must tell you from the start this one is still exclusively limited to Droid devices. The interesting fact is that using it, you can shares all available photos between more than two devices; so, we are talking about a group setting.

If you feel like giving it a try, then you should know that this Droid Zap can be downloaded from Google Play Store, as our source confirms. And then, you will have the possibility to send your latest pictures or videos to everyone around you in a blink of a second.