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Track Data Usage By Netflix on Android

Services like Netflix consume a lot of bandwidth – the sooner you accept that, the better for you and your budget which I am sure that it is limited when it comes to video streaming. This isn’t a design flaw,...


Migrate your Data via OnePlus Switch

OnePlus has grown from a tiny startup that captured almost no attention to one of the most surprising smartphone brands in no more than a few years. Such a company knows that getting a new smartphone is great, but it...


Learn to Clear Apps Data on LG V20

The app cache stores various elements of apps or websites, so they can be loaded quickly when you want to use them. App Data refers to both the cache and other pieces of saved information, like your log-in and preference...


How to Use Less Data on Instagram

Instagram is the ideal place where you see what your friends are up to, where you take a peek at your ex’s new relationship and much, much more than that. If you’re an Instagram user, then you probably realize how...