Galaxy Note 4: First Appearance on Samsung’s Mobile website

The rumors Galaxy Note 4 with model number SM-910T has made its first appearance on Samsung’s Mobile website ahead of its announcement during the Unpacked 2014 event in IFA 2014. We don’t have great news for those of you looking for a gallery of Galaxy Note 4 images; in this case, it is true that it is nothing more than the form of a UAProf, but it confirms several technical specifications, so be sure that it deserves all our attention.

Now we know for sure that…

According to the information revealed in the UAProf that we have just told you about, it is known for sure that this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 model will have amazing screen with QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) resolution, most probably just as we have all heard from all those previous leaks regarding that 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display with QHD resolution. The power of this device will be offered by an octa-core Exynos 5433 processor and there’s nothing to complain about at this chapter.

Moreover, we are expecting a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coming with 3GB of RAM, as well as 32GB of internal storage and running on Android 4.4 KitKat and don’t forget that there is even a secondary version coming with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and a powerful Adreno 420 GPU.

And when it comes to those of you who love capturing all special moments of their live, we think that the 16MP camera with 4K video recording coming with a secondary 3.7MP front-facing camera won’t disappoint you at all!

Previous Galaxy Note 4 Rumors

In case of being curious about other Galaxy Note 4 rumors, the list is longer than you might be first expecting. For the beginning, we can tell you that we have reasons to believe that Galaxy Note 4 will have the company’s Gear VR as a new wearable companion. This Virtual reality headset will be presented along with the Galaxy Note 4, but we already know a few things about it. To be more precise, the hardware is built by Samsung, while the software by none other than Oculus VR. Even more, we are sure that you’ll use it in conjunction with your phone which plugs in via USB and acts as a screen, but we are still waiting for more details to be revealed.

Moreover, have you heard that Note 4 will also have a new capability called the UV sensor? If we take in consideration the speculations, the users would have to tilt the handset to a 60 degrees angle, pointing the direction of the sun and like that they will reduce the risk of UV radiations. The UV levels include no less than 5 levels: low, moderate, high, very high, as well as extreme, so yes, the idea seems great, but it is way to soon to know if it really works. Don’t get too excited or you might be disappointed after that!

The same thing we can tell you about its Fingerprint Scanner. This concept is not a new one and we have seen how it really works on Galaxy 5S, but who knows? Maybe this time will work even better and we’ll offer us the protection that we are really looking for or maybe you are simply curious to see features such as Screen Lock, Private Mode, Samsung Account verification, or PayPal payments on your upcoming device. In any case, we’ll keep an eye on things and return with even more details on this topic, especially after having the device in our hands.

As for the TouchWiz which was redesigned in order to bring users closer to the basic Touch alternative, we cannot wait to see if Galaxy Note 4 really offers us something similar to the stock Android UI experience.

However, stay tuned for more regarding Samsung’s next Galaxy Note 4; and don’t forget that you don’t really have to wait too long as the device is already schedules for a IFA 2014 launch on September 3.


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