How to Block Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Unwanted Calls

Is there something stopping you from enjoying your new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Could that something be an unwanted call? If the situation tends to repeat, then you will need to learn how to block calls either from an individual or from all unknown callers.

There could be several reasons why you would want to do that on your Galaxy S6 Edge and I am not here to judge you for that. I mind my own business. Your reasons might be private or you could simple be bothered by those who cross the decency limits, especially since more and more spammers and telemarketers tend to contact people on their Android smartphones.

Thankfully there are multiple ways you can block calls on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and here I am to present you some of the most important ones. Which one should you choose? You’ll find suggestions to block them on an individual level or to block them all with the auto reject list, you can use an app, Google Voice or the phone’s carrier options, so the choice is all yours.

How to Block Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Unwanted Calls:

Add to auto reject list
Has a telemarketer or a friend become your worst nightmare? No one loves calls in late night, so block that number and move on with your life. Go into Application, choose the Call Log. Tap on the number you want to block, select “More” in the top right corner and use the “Add to auto reject list” option.

Unknown callers
In the “Auto reject list” you can find a special option for “Unknown callers” too. Toggle it to on and callers who block their incoming number won’t be a problem any longer.
If you want to remove a number from that auto reject list or if you accidentally added a number to the list, just go to the Auto reject list and choose “Remove from auto reject list.”

Mr. Number and Call Control
If you want a more user friendly way of blocking calls on your S6 Edge smartphone, use an app such as Mr. Number. Offering free messaging between members and real-time updates about when your messages have been read, this app seems ideal and it actually does much more than that. As you can imagine, it is also a call and a text blocking app for Android devices, giving you the possibility to block specific numbers or area codes.
Take Mr. Number from here.

Call Control is another option that you should know about. The “Lite” version is free, but you can also choose the Pro one for no more than $8 dollars. Being one of the best call blocker and text blocker apps available at the moment, it offers a personal blacklist, text SMS filter, Community Blacklist, block call log, a special Do Not Disturb mode and not only! Just give it a try!
Call Control is available at this link.

Use the help provided by the phone carrier
T-Mobile doesn’t offer official services for blocking calls or texts, but this doesn’t have to mean that all the carriers are in the same situation. If you have your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from Verizon or from Sprint, keep in mind that they offer this service for free; as for those having AT&T as their phone carrier, you can block up to 30 numbers if you agree to pay $5 per contact each month.

Use Google Voice
No less important, don’t forget that Google Voice is also recommended when it comes to blocking calls. Signing up is not at all complicated, so head over to Google Voice and follow the sign up steps. This calling service has added a special component to calling, letting you to view voice and text messages just as you would view your latest emails.

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