Non-Removable Battery and Glass Back rumoured for Galaxy S6

Samsung is well-known for its fidelity for removable batteries and microSD card slots, but these are exctly the features that might not exist on Samsung Galaxy S6. Korean Press says the new Galaxy S6 battery will be non-removable.

Apart from this, Samsung apparently made a design choice for their new flagship. The Samsung Galaxy S6’s rear panel will likely be made out of glass and have a metal chassis. This unlikely design may or may not estrange some of the Samsung’s fans who choose Samsung for its flexibility and the ability to customize the device. Or, it might also win other customers who are more into a modern design and they don’t mind non-removable batteries.

Still, there are a lot of Samsung users who don’t look pleased with these rumours and Samsung takes risks with their new design. Removable batteries were always a feature that most of us appreciated in smartphoness. High activity demands a lot of battery life and some of us solved this problem by having a spare battery, to make sure our Android smartphones won’t shut down during their performance.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona in March, to see what Samsung really decided upon Galaxy S6. Until then, we can only speculate there are going to be dissapointing fans, but also sattisfied ones with the new approach.