About Us

Android Flagship started as a new enthusiastic project that wants to offer a new and personal (when possible) yet objective view over the Android system. Our team is young and passionate about technology and basically about all that is new. We want to test the latest gadgets, play all the games from Google Play, install and run all the fresh apps and finally we want to describe and resume our experience with you. Therefore, we are not here only to bring the latest Android news and tutorials in a distant tone; we want to be your friends and we want to communicate with you whenever possible in order to share our experience and thoughts.

Android Flagship is the place where you can find the latest Android OS news; reviews for all the Android devices and relevant tutorials (like: how to root, unlock bootloader, backup, update and more) can also be found here! On Android Flagship our team tries to offer the best Android tips and tricks that can easily be applied on your smartphone or tablet.

Andy Stevenson: Co-Owner

Andy is a senior editor here on Android Flagship and you can surely rely on his experience as the Android subject is more than a hobby to him. Andrei is currently focusing on developing dedicated and detailed tutorials, tips and tricks, so you will be able to find his work through the “how to” section of our website. Contact on: Google + | Facebook

Radu Bancila : Co-Owner

Radu works as an editor here at Android Flagship and once in a while he enjoys reviewing devices and apps. He likes to get his hands on the latest  technology and won’t let go until every single corner was explored. Beside technology he enjoys studying about the latest auto safety features. You can trust him, he’s an engineer! Contact on: Google + | Facebook

 Andreea Serban: Author

My name is Andreea, and I have been writing about technology and the world of gadgets for over two years. Currently, I freelance from my home and I enjoy writing about the latest smart devices on the market. Technology was not always my thing, but once I have discovered all those amazing things I can do with my smartphone, I must confess I have become a tech geek. Contact on: Google +

Loredana Popa: Author

Loredana has graduated Communication and Public Relations and works as a copywriter for over three years. She uses technology every day ( just as anyone else having her age ), but somehow things turned into something more than that. She just loves to discover more about what’s new and interesting, so why not combining that with her passion for writing? Contact on: Google +

Oana Carabineanu: Contributor

Hi! I’m Oana, a girl or woman (not sure yet) from Bucharest, who feel in love with English ever since she was little and watched Cartoon Network. I like to believe I am a smart person and I’m always open to learning new things. I like nature, love, thinking, spending quality time and COFFEE. Contact on: Google +

 Ana: Contributor

Ana is one of the newest additions to this site. You’ll see her write mostly about Apps and Android Games. She’s a promising rookie so you might want to keep an eye on her progress.

Bogdan-Eduard Huma: Contributor

Hello fellow readers and Android lovers. I am Bogdan-Eduard Huma and I have been an English teacher for more than 10 years now. I love to write and I love Android. This is why I am here: to keep you updated with fresh news about everything on Android, smartphones releases, apps and much, much more. Contact on: Google +

So, that’s who we are; if you have questions, or if you just want to talk with our team, use our “contact us” page.