How to Take Alcatel Stock Wallpapers on your Android Device

Do you like to try out new things on your Android handset all the time? Then, I bet that you are no stranger to the advantages usually provided by wallpapers! From downloading a third-party wallpaper application to performing a Google search to find what you’re looking for, there are tons of ways to find new wallpapers that will make your day brighter!

Things are a little different this time as long as I am not talking about wallpapers from a certain device, but about various Alcatel Stock Wallpapers that are worthy of your full attention. The Chinese smartphone brand Alcatel might not be that popular, but its wallpapers are one of a kind!

The wallpaper pack we are going to share contains no less than 28 awesome wallpapers from several Alcatel devices. All wallpapers are in full HD quality with 2160 x 1920 pixel resolution and I have no doubts about the fact that you are going to like them and find as being perfect for your precious Android handset as well.

The size of the file is 80 MB, so make sure that you have enough space on your device and that you have a stable WiFi connection in order to grab the pack.

How to Take Alcatel Stock Wallpapers on your Android Device:

  1. Take the zip that I have told you about by using this direct link;
  2. Place it on your PC, in a convenient location;
  3. Then, you must extract it;
  4. Use the device’s original USB cord in order transfer the wallpapers to your current device;
  5. Enter into the Settings option;
  6. Then, don’t hesitate to choose an wallpaper from the new ones available;
  7. Touch the OK or Set Wallpaper button if you want to confirm your new selection or keep on looking for more.

If you like these wallpapers, then please share this article to help others enjoy them too. And as always, I have to request you to take a tour of our Wallpaper section from where you can download many other interesting wallpapers from hundreds of other Android devices.

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