Check How Long until Full Charge on Pixel 3

In many ways the experience of the Pixel 3 is enough to keep its rivals away. While so many other Android smartphones get cluttered, yours seems to get as close as possible to the best combination. It falls though short in terms of battery life. Yes, we are back to the very same story! You already decided to go for the smaller and cheaper Pixel 3 and it’s OK.

Your handset can do everything the Pixel 3 XL handset can do, but it has a smaller screen and a smaller battery too. If you’re a heavy user, don’t expect to get through a full day without charging up once. Yes, I know that this is disappointing these days.

My advice for you is to focus on what truly matters. You own a device that packs a great hardware mix with good performance and a great camera, especially in low light. As for the battery life, nifty tricks will make your days brighter, be sure of tgar. The wireless charging might resolve a part of this problem. I think that the Pixel Stand is indeed a great option, but there’s fast wired charging too, which will get your handset ready to go again with a full battery in about an hour.

And if you know yourself as being incapable of siting still and minding your own business while the Pixel 3 phone charges, then here’s what you can do instead. You may verify how long it has until reaching to the desired full charge. Do you like the sound of it. Then, all you have to do is to just folow these steps:

How Long until Full Charge on your Pixel 3 Device:

  1. First of all, you have to plug in your Pixel 3 phone;
  2. Then, just give it a moment to see how fast it’s charging;
  3. Up next, it’s time to enter your device’s Settings app;
  4. Now, under “Battery,” you can see how much charge you have left, and about how long until a full charge. That’s what you’ve been looking for, right? Enjoy!

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