How to Add New Voice Commands to Google Now

Google Now is the virtual assistant which offers you the help that you need, exactly when you might need it the most. Whether you want to set a reminder or to search for flight information, to find the score from last night’s game or to check the weather, Google Now is prepared to help you and that’s not all. In fact, it seems that Google Now is getting even smarter as long as with Commandr, you have the possibility to add more voice commands to control your device.

To be more precise, Commandr is a supplement to Google Now which adds fresh voice commands to already big list of voice commands supported by Google Now. If you have a rooted Android phone you can even turn off your phone with just a voice command, you can control all smart devices around you and as it has been rumored for a while, it’s perfectly true the fact that Commandr also has full Android Wear support, so just also command your smartwatch to perform various tasks that will improve your daily life.

The list of commands you get with Commandr is longer than you might be expecting: Unlock/Lock phone, Flashlight On/Off, Wifi On/Off, GPS On/Off, Bluetooth On/Off, Wireless Hotspot On/Off, Play Google Music Playlist, Read Unread SMS, Send Whatsapp message, Read Last SMS From Contact, Cellular Data On/Off, Read Unread Gmail, Raise/Lower Volume, Silence/Unsilence Ringer, Set Volume to Percentage, Take a Picture, Reboot Recovery (Root), Restart (Root), Enable/Disable Sync, Enable/Disable Rotation Lock, Enable/Disable Airplane Mode, Enable/Disable Car Mode and not only. Do you want to give them a try? Here’s what you have to do:

Add New Voice Commands to Google Now with Commandr – method 1

  1. Make sure you have enabled ‘Ok Google ‘ detection from any screen; in order to do that, go into Settings option of Google Now>Voice>Ok Google detection;
  2. After that, you have to select the ‘Any screen’ option;
  3. Google Now will ask you to train voice model, so do not hesitate to repeat ‘Ok Google’ three times;
  4. For setting up Commandr, you must enable Accessibility service;
  5. Then, when opening first time commandr, it will guide you through the process;
  6. Verify that you have enabled the option ‘Enable Interception’ in the Commandr app;
  7. Say ‘Ok Google’ followed by the command that you have in mind.

Add New Voice Commands to Google Now with Commandr – method 2

If you have Xposed installed on your device, then you should know that the procedure is a little different in such a case. To be more precise:

  1. For the start, you must enable Commandr in the Xposed installer;
  2. Then, you must reboot the device;
  3. Up next, enable the option in Commandr app to enable Xposed;
  4. It will ask you to install another module Google Search Api;
  5. Open the XDA thread for it;
  6. Download and install it;
  7. You could disable Accessibility service once you have enabled Xposed for commandr.

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