Easily Root LG G4 H815 using One-Click-Root Solution

When becoming the owner of a new high-end Android device, for some of you it is all about customization and optimization. Gaining “superuser” access to your smartphone is a must, so if the handset that you own is LG G4 H815, I am here to help you.

During this guide I will show you how to easily root this version of LG G4 and like that, you will have the chance to flash the latest custom ROMs available for your device, to flash custom kernels, custom themes, to remove those apps which are pre-installed by your network provider or by the manufacturer, to update the phone to the latest version of Android, to increase the battery life and not only.

So, take your time and read this tutorial along with all the pre requisites which are presented here. To be more precise, you should know from the start that the following root method is for the LG G4 H815 version only, so do not even think of applying it on any other device. Moreover, don’t leave aside the fact that rooting your Android smartphone is not supported by the carrier or by LG, therefore you will end up voiding the phone’s warranty. Fortunately, you will be able to restore the warranty with the help of this guide on How to Restore the Warranty on your Android device and solve the problem.

Ensure that you have created a backup of all the data of your phone, even though the root method below is not likely to wipe out your data. However, do that in order to avoid any potential risk as you never know what might happen. You must also enable USB debugging mode, so don’t hesitate to access Menu – Settings – Developer options and enable the USB debugging option on your LG phone.

Also prepare the original USB cord that came with your phone and don’t forget that you need a computer or a laptop for this operation to work, even if it is nothing else than an One Click Root one. Deactivate the security protection from your computer and yes, the battery of the phone should be at least 60% charged if you want to avoid a potential shut down due to lack of power, which could damage the device in one way or another.

How to Easily root your LG G4 H815 Device:

  1. For the start, you have to take the One Click Root with the help of this link;
  2. Then, you must install it on your PC;
  3. Connect your LG G4 H815 to the computer via the USB cable;
  4. Make the transfer;
  5. Run the One Click Root software!

So, that was all that you had to do. What do you think about this method? Have you managed to complete it successfully? If not , just let me know and I’ll do my best to understand your problem and find a solution.

If yes, then you can look forward in performing other complex operations on your LG G4 H815 phone as its system has been unchained. Use the How to section and don’t forget to check on us later as we are working on more tutorials for your LG device.

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