How to Use Galaxy S8 Floating Camera Button

As you can see, I am back with a fresh guide for your Galaxy S8 smartphone. I took my time to dive a little deeper into the camera experience offered by Samsung’s handset and now I know more things; one of them is none other than the fact that it comes with a floating camera button that is positioned between the video record button and gallery shortcut. Don’t you know how to use this Galaxy S8 Floating Camera Button? This is why I am here for!

I am sure that sometimes you feel that it is not convenient to reach the camera shutter button to take the perfect photo in time. You may want a hardware button or relocate the camera button to other locations in the screen, but this smartphone does not offer a hardware camera button. The hardware button below volume key is for Samsung Bixby, not for camera, so make no confusion about that.

However, Samsung come up with a new floating camera button that will ease things for you. By default, Galaxy S8 floating camera button is not enabled, yet changing things should not be at all a problem, especially with a little guidance.

You can enable it from within the camera’s settings, so here’s how to do it:

How to Use Galaxy S8 Floating Camera Button:

  1. Tap settings icon in Galaxy S8 camera preview to access Galaxy S8 camera settings;
  2. Navigate to the preview screen (camera page), which is the default page whenever you start the camera app in Galaxy S8;
  3. In the Galaxy S8 camera settings page, you will see the Floating camera button option;
  4. You can tap the switch to toggle on this feature;
  5. Then, you move the Galaxy S8 floating camera button to anywhere in the whole screen. For that, tap and hold (aka long tap) the floating button;
  6. Then drag it to a new location;
  7. Once it is there, you can release your finger from the screen to put the floating camera button.

Basically, it is an additional shutter button that you can move around anywhere inside the camera, so you can take amazing pictures from your new smartphone without worrying about missing those awesome moments. Enjoy it!

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  1. Juris Zemzars says:

    I activated floating button. Then after some time I can not find it any more. It is still activted in settings, I tried several moods, does not appear in any, even Auto or Selfie. Had to reset settings, only then it appeared again.

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