Show Current Network Speed in the Android Status Bar

Do you want to see your current network speed in the Android Status Bar? If you want nothing to do with procedures that might affect your device or that you are not prepared for, such as rooting or installing a custom ROM, I have another suggestion for you that involves no such risks and no extra effort to worry about.

Internet Speed Meter Pro is an app that you can install into your Android device and enjoy since it displays your internet speed in status bar (Download/upload); this helps you monitor network connection anytime while using your handset and make sure that things are exactly how they are meant to be.

You can also enjoy the option to hide and show the status bar internet speed icon and take a look at the Daily and Monthly Basis Internet Usage Record to avoid your smartphone running wild.

Even if the app is free, I must also tell you that the ads are non-obtrusive which definitely comes as an advantage. And I am sure that where it excels the most is in the number of Settings it lets you change as it is easily one of the most customizable apps in its category.

See what you have to do:

Show Current Network Speed in the Android Status Bar:

  1. Download the Internet Speed Meter Pro app for free directly from the Play Store;
  2. Then, you have to install it on your Android device;
  3. Go into the app’s Settings;
  4. You can now check the desired update interval, as well as the measuring unit;
  5. Then, from settings, you can set a widget to appear in the notification bar itself when pulled down, adjust the floating widget’s position in the status bar, the size of the font, if there is no Internet traffic going on, while the separate stats for Mobile and WiFi make sure that no confusion is involved.

What do you think of this app? Will you keep it on your smartphone or there’s another option that you have in mind?

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