Tweak your Android System with Universal Kernel Manager

I know that most of rooted users love to flash their devices. If you enjoy system level tweaking as much as I do, then there is no better choice than the Android world! While ROM Manager has always made flashing new ROMs a fairly simple task, things are different when it comes to kernels. The XDA member Shinzul has been working on a ROM Manager-esque app for kernels, appropriately named Universal Kernel Manager and even if this happened a while ago, it’s still worthy of our full attention.

The kernel in your operating system handles plenty of low-level tasks such as managing your CPU speed. Most users will never want to touch this, but I already know that you are here as a tweaker with a desire to overclock your Android phone, so the Universal Kernel Manager is a must.

The app that I am telling you about is designed to streamline tweaking init.d scripts for different kernels. I am sure that you want to discover what kernel works best for your phone, and to make things as easy as possible and UKM is there to help you (to be more precise, this makes it much easier to switch between them).

You must also use Synapse for the procedure to work. This is a Dynamic Config-Builder type utility for ROMs and Kernels that can be grabbed from here. It’s true that it was initially designed for OnePlus devices, but it has now been released for all.

So, this is how things work: on every boot the script verifies all the tunables, it finds specific for the kernel you have at the moment and generates the necessary files so it can be read and displayed on Synapse. However, as tempting as these might sound for the moment, if you’re not familiar with modifying your kernel, I recommend researching and asking for more details instead of messing things up. A bricked device is not on your check list, right?

Just in case, visit these unbrick pages.

More details about Synapse + Script => Universal Kernel Manager v3.8.1 can be found right here, so don’t waste any more time.

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