Easily Speed up HTC One M9

Even though your HTC One M9 is one of the hottest smartphones from the current market, it might happen to be disappointed by your experience while using it. Do you also have the same impression that your phone is too laggy and it works much slower than it should?

This could mean only one thing: that it’s time to learn how to easily speed up your HTC One M9.

Well, it is only up to you to choose the method that you want to apply on your smartphone: you can choose to root and modify your device, but you know of what preparatory steps and huge risks I am talking about (risks that you have to assume and not AndroidFlasghip), you can decide to use a different home launchers, to flash a new custom software and the story can continue, but as you know, all these operation are extremely technical and not recommended to any average user.

You might not want to take any chances, especially if you are new into this, but what can you do instead? Waiting for a miracle to happen and things to get better on their own is not a plausible option, but on the contrary, I want to tell you there are no more than three easy steps to make your HTC One M9 Android phone faster than ever before.

Any beginner looking for a simple way to speed up his HTC device will be more than pleased by what you can enjoy after changing these three settings, but first of all, you have to gain access to a hidden developer menu in settings on your One M9. This is just a few taps away, so do not hesitate to enter into Settings > About phone and tap seven times on Build number.

By doing this simple procedure you will immediately enable the hidden developer menu, so you can finally speed up your Android phone with the help of this detailed guide:

How to Easily Speed up your HTC One M9 Phone:

  1. Tap Settings;
  2. Then, you have to scroll down to Developer options;
  3. Tap it;
  4. Scroll down once again to Windows Animation Scale.
  5. You’ll want to change this option which is set at 1x or 1.5x; to be more precise, you have to lower it to only.5x;
  6. Do the same procedure for other two options: Transitions Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale and set them all to the same value;
  7. You also have the possibility to disable them completely, but keeping their values at .5x is recommended as long as this option makes Android looking smooth, also being faster than ever before.
  8. At the end, you have to restart your device.

Do not hesitate to give it a try, use your HTC One M9 as much as possible drop a comment below if you see any increase in its performance.

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