How to install LG’s G3 keyboard on any Android device

There is no mystery that most manufacturers are no at all preoccupied by the keyboards of their Android smartphones, most likely taking in consideration how attractive the third-party alternatives can be, but when talking about LG G3 there is an exception. LG is actually offering us one of the best OEM keyboards we have ever seen and the best part is that you can actually use LG’s G3 keyboard in your Android device.

What is LG’s G3 keyboard offering us?

In case of not trusting us, we can tell you from the start that this keyboard has been specially adjusted to fit comfortable composing, continuously learning how and what you type and utilizing the collected data for the best results.

LG’s G3 keyboard also lets you change the height and layout, change the voice input, hand-writing and symbol keys layout from keyboard option or to choose if you want or not to see the numeric buttons on the top row of the keyboard.

In these conditions, if you are the owner of a handset with a large screen, then you can feel free to enable one-hand operation mode which adjusts the keyboard and makes it using it more comfortable than ever.

Moreover, just like so many other types of LG keyboards, this one has support for various themes. Yes, we know that you are going to be disappointed after finding out that we are talking about white and black themes, but trust us, they are not at all boring or uninteresting. On the contrary, they might surprise you!

Preparatory Steps:

  • In the first place, you must be the owner of an Android device with Jelly Bean or KitKat or any other custom ROM based on it; if you don’t have such a handset, it is useless to apply this procedure, that is something that we can tell you from the start;
  • Your Android handset must be rooted if you want to successfully install LG’s G3 keyboard;
  • Prepare your computer; you are going to need it in this operation;
  • Don’t forget about finding the original USB cable;
  • You also need the most recent TWRP or CWM Recovery version for flashing the Zip.

Let’s start!

How to Install LG’s G3 keyboard in your Android device:

  1. For the beginning, you have to download the LG G3 Keyboard APK file from here to your computer;
  2. After the file has been completely downloaded, copy it Android in your device by connecting the device to the computer with the help of the original USB cord, just as we have previously told you;
  3. Go where you have initially placed APK file in your handset, open it and then follow the on screen instructions for the installation process;
  4. Wait for the APK file to be installed and then open the Keyboard and tap on Settings in order to change the current keyboard that you are using;
  5. After that, you recommend you to open the LG G3 Keyboard, grant Superuser permissions, and then tap the Backup button. This gives you the chance to go back to your stock keyboard settings whenever you decide that it is time to uninstall the G3 keyboard.

Hopefully everything went out perfect and now you are enjoying LG’s G3 keyboard in your Android phone.

And if you are interest on discovering more Android guides, the “How to” section is waiting or keep visiting. We are currently working on more tutorials!

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