How To Block Ads on Android devices

I’ve always run of ads and pop-up windows, so that is why I have a pop-up and ad blocker installed on my desktop.

However, the story is no different when it comes to my Android device which is literally suffocated by this issue. Are you in the same situation as well? Do you want to find a way to make your Android phone surf faster, and save money, by blocking pop-up ads?

Today, I am going to show you how to block ads on Android, including pop-ups, with Android ad blockers, so do not hesitate to continue reading and put an end to this misery:

How to Block pop-ups on Android browser:

  1. For the start, open up the Android browser;
  2. Click the three dots menu icon you can see in the top right and corner;
  3. Then, select Settings from the list;
  4. After that just choose Advanced from the menu that appears;
  5. Make sure that Block pop-ups is enabled and let the magic take place;
  6. Starting to this moment, you should stop seeing any pop-up ad on your Android smartphone when you use the Android browser.

Block Ads on Android devices with Adblock Browser for Android:

Announced three months ago, Adblock is a great solution for all Android users looking for a new browser with built-in ad-blocking.

The Adblock browser is based on the open source Firefox browser and can be installed really easily. However, I want you to know from the start that this is a beta test and not finished software, so you can chose to wait for the final one. If you want to enjoy it now, follow these steps:

  1. For the beginning, make sure you’re already logged into Google;
  2. Join the Google Plus community for the beta.
  3. Second, go to or click the Beta Opt-In link on the community page;
  4. Then, you must choose “Become a Tester”;
  5. Next, download the beta version of the browser from Google Play;
  6. You should know that it might take an hour to update (or even more) so if you haven’t got the update yet, be as patient as you can be.

Block Ads on Android devices with Adblock Plus:

This is one of the most popular desktop browser extensions to block the ads from websites, but Google has discontinued it from the market due to the fact that it interfered with other apps which eventually discouraged many developers for cutting their income. However, developers have got their own browser which has a full pledged Adblock Plus integration, letting us enjoy something really special.

Adblock Plus browser can actually be seen as a revamped Firefox browser for Android with the Adblock plugin integrated with full functionality, excepting that the support for third party extensions and Firefox Sync features are disabled.
Take Adblock Plus Browser from this direct link and let me know if you like it!

Or maybe you have another method to block ads on your Android device, so tell me all about it in the contact form or in the comments section from below!

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