How to decide which Android phone to buy next

If you’re in the market for a new Android featured smartphone, you don’t need me to tell you what a difficult choice it really is. There are plenty of options to choose from – too many as some might even say – so how can you end up picking the right one?

Not all Android smartphones are the same, but quite the opposite: some of them come with powerful specs that can handle games, while other are recommended to those who need a phone just for talking and occasional texting; there are devices which excel at taking photos or videos, while others are simply ideal for seniors.

It is more than obviously Google has been aware of the confusing situation of taking this decision, so here I am to tell you about a new tool from Google which might be able to help when needing to buy an Android phone. To be more precise, it just launched the new “Which Phone” web tool that can help take the best decision and narrow down your choices based on your particular preferences.

The tool guides you through a series of simple questions. It starts by asking you to pick what your next Android phone will be used for and here I have more details:

How to decide which Android phone to buy next with Which Phone:

  1. So, you have a question and an answer type of format to get to know the user better;
  2. Which Phone starts off with some general categories of use cases such as taking photos, playing games, listening to music, being productive, social media, watching videos, being on the go, texting & instant messaging, talking, staying fit, web browsing;
  3. You must choose three of these and according to your choice;
  4. Then click on “Show Me Phones” to view the recommended phones;
  5. Up next, the tool will ask you more questions to narrow down the choices further;
  6. Once done, Which Phone will present you with a list of potential candidates and trust me when I am saying that the suggested phones won’t be a surprise as long as the latest flagship Android devices tend to be the most recommended;
  7. Each smartphone’s characteristic is listed according to your previous input, but if you still feel that the list is too long, then you have the possibility to select your carrier of choice, as well as the size, and the price;
  8. At the end, it is up to you to save the results to your email for your shopping list or to post it over social networks.

I do not say that this Which Phone tool is perfect, but I certainly find it handy in your quest for a new Android phone. Did you try this tool? Which options did you get? Share your experience regarding this tool in the comments area below.

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