Google’s New Smart Contact Lens for Diabetics

Are you aware of Google’s latest plans? It seems that it tries to take wearable tech to a higher level with its new smart contact lens for diabetics. We all know that Diabetes is said to be one of the fastest growing diseases in the entire world and could completely change your lifestyle. These new lens are supposed to be able to keep blood sugar levels in check, by measuring glucose in tears using a tiny wireless chip and a miniature glucose sensor. Both this wireless transmitter and this sensor are placed between the layers of a soft contact lens and you’ll be surprised to find out how fast this procedure functions.

To be more specific, the current prototype can obtain measurements at an amazing rate of one reading per second. Yes, we are not wrong when we have told you about this temporal resolution, so you can only imagine that Google’s new smart contact lens can successfully be considered a warning system for diabetics and not only.

Google’s New Smart Contact Lens for Diabetics

Google’s New Smart Contact Lens for Diabetics

But we also have to admit that using tears is not as easy as it might initially seem. There is no surprise that it has been very hard for scientists to collect tears for their tests, so can we be sure that the lens are as effective as presented?

And some people also tend to say that this idea isn’t that original after all. Other companies also had it and Microsoft Research is just of them. Do you now that it has unveiled a similar project back in 2011 in collaboration with someone who currently works for Google X? We are talking about Babak Parvis, a former professor at the University of Washington which is now working on Google Glass and this smart lens project as well and we can only hope for the best.

Anyway, as our source mentions, Google has to find partners to get its smart contact lens for diabetics to market and we already know that is negotiating with the FDA. But don’t get too excited about that; there’s still a long way until having the chance to buy it!

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