How to Get Pixel 2’s Portrait Mode on OnePlus 3

The camera on the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is seen as one of the best smartphone cameras of the 2017 year. Google put a lot of thought into how to tweak the camera software and it is indeed amazing. There are many Android users who consider Portrait mode a hardware-specific feature, but in reality, Google uses a special type of image data called PD to enable Portrait mode on the back lens and brings the same mode to the front lens using software method.

Developer Charles Chow recently released a Google Camera mod that brings the feature to older devices. Called Camera NX, it can also be taken on your own OnePlus 3 handset.

His Google Camera mod is now at version 7.3 and is available over on his website Chromloop. There he describes how he was able to achieve this modification over on his website, but the actual implementation is probably more complex than his short description lets on.

To enable the portrait mode on your handset, simply download the Camera NX v7.3 mod and follow the given steps:

How to Get Pixel 2’s Portrait Mode on OnePlus 3:

  1. Download the Camera NX V7.3 mod;
  2. Open the APK on your smartphone and hit the install button to install the mod on your device;
  3. After the installation, tap the Open button;
  4. You’ll need to grant all the proper permissions on the first launch;
  5. Then, you need to tap on the hamburger menu button at the top left corner;
  6. While here, tap on the Portrait button;
  7. That’s it, now just point and shoot to take the portrait shots on your device. Note that Camera NX captures a normal photo, and a Portrait mode photo too. It is up to you to easily switch between the two by tapping their respective thumbnail at the bottom of the image;
  8. Also note that your Portrait Mode photos can be copied from your device’s storage to your desktop. The images are saved to the default DCIM folder and they are JPG files. Therefore, you should better look for photos with the word PORTRAIT in the name and copy them to your desktop. You can view a portrait mode photo in any standard photo viewing app.

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