How to Solve Moisture in USB port error on your LG G6

Even high-end device has its own share of issues, so don’t be so disappointed. I know that many LG G6 owners have been complaining about the error “Moisture detected in USB port” and while there are those who say their phones got wet prior to the problem, there also plenty of users who claim that their device had nothing to do with any kind of liquid.

Are they really sure of that? How can they really solve the Moisture in USB port error on their LG G6? If you are one of those certain that your phone has not been soaked in water or have any physical damage, then it’s definitely a software issue.

If you haven’t tried restarting your phone in the past few weeks, this is the right time that you should do it. Just force Reboot your phone to refresh its memory and eliminate all system glitches that prevent your phone from booting up normally.

You should know that there are other users who are also getting the USB plugged in notification and sounds over and over again, even when there’s nothing plugged in. These issues of a potential moisture and the annoying notifications when nothing is plugged in can be caused by a bad charging cable. In such a case, you should try another cable to see if the issue is with your charging cord.

Even more, I want you to know that there are LG G6 owners saying that washing the phone and cleaning the USB port solved their problem. So, my suggestion is to also clean the USB port with a soft cloth to dislodge any dirt or dust and then dry the LG phone.

And you know that clearing the cache partition is necessary to all Android users especially if system updates have been done on your phone. All old system caches will be wiped out from the partition and replaced by newer caches that could run and compatible to the system and such errors often end up being solved even without a hard reset.

However, if none of these help you, then hard resetting it is a must. Just don’t forget to take a backup of your data and plug in the charger if the power is currently lower than 60%. Then, you are good to go:

  • Start by powering on your LG G6;
  • After that, you must tap on Menu and from there go to Settings;
  • Select the General tab;
  • Up next, from the options that will be displayed choose Backup & Reset;
  • Tap on Factory Data Reset and from the bottom of the display choose Reset Phone;
  • Agree with the alerts by choosing the option Delete All.

All of your data will be now erased so just wait while the factory reset process is automatically completed.

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9 Responses

  1. Gary Pituch says:

    I have the same problem. I tried different chargers. I tried using different charging methods. I cleared the cache. I turned the phone on and off. (I refused to do a hard reset because this is the second G6 I’ve had due to an apparent LEMON the first time..multiple store trips. multiple hard resets. ) Anyway, The first time I woke up to a dead phone I took it directly to the sprint store. They said that I had “corrosion” on the charging terminals even though the phone had NEVER been exposed to water and IT WAS ONLY A 6 WEEK OLD PHONE! The Sprint tech used an acid brush and a solvent to clean the charging port. It worked fine for about three weeks. Then, last night, the same issue. So, while getting an acid brush of my own and using some denatured alcohol, I did my own web search and found what appears to be the fix. At least for now. I held down the volume down button and the on/off button for about 5 seconds to do a “soft reset” and it is now taking the charge. FOR NOW. Bottom line. I had a Motorola MotoG phone from Republic wireless for three years. ZERO problems. 2.5 months with a Sprint LG G6 and nothing but issues. I’m disappointed thus far in my LG phone and will never ever buy one again. And Sprint, they have the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Nothing but foreign “tech” workers who just don’t care.

  2. MarkDC says:

    I do not see how is this post helpful in any possible way. Everyone knows how to factory reset heir phone. The point is *not* to do that. Furthermore, I have done hard reset after running out of options and it still didn’t help. In the future you should post something meaningful or not post at all.

  3. ddonth says:

    Hard reset still doesn’t work, don’t waste your time!!!

  4. Christian Loving says:

    Just left the sprint store and They are trying to say the phone has been wet without even opening it up. I even showed them the post online about the issue. Only had the phone 2 months. It hasnt been wet or dropped. They want me to pa 200 dollars for a refurbished phone when i bought this one new.

  5. Face palm says:

    “These issues of a potential moisture and the annoying notifications when nothing is plugged in can be caused by a bad charging cable” FacePalm

  6. Will Carter says:

    So, same issue, tried all of this. No joy.
    So I turned off the phone, took my charging cable, and slid it in and out of the port about 15 times, then turned it over and did the same thing.
    Turned it on and problem solved….. For now. LOL
    Hope this helps someone else out there.

  7. JOHN DANKS says:

    Not just moisture, I use mine in industry and I used a dental floss brush with isoproponol alcohol to clean discovered how dirty it had become even though it was in my pocket most of the time at work.

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