Reserve Data Balance for Emergency Situations with Datally

One year ago, Google launched an interesting app specifically designed to help Android phone users to better control and save on their expensive mobile data. Google’s data-saving app Datally is the one that I am talking about and it has just received a new update. Google does its best to make sure that users can easily cut down on their data usage even further, so it added fresh features like setting limits on how much data you can use in a day, highlighting the unused apps on your phone and offering suggestions about safe nearby Wi-Fi networks to connect to.

However, the Emergency Bank feature is the one that captured my interest today as it allows the users of the app to reserve some data balance for emergency situations. The new emergency bank feature is ideal in case you run off data balance in the middle of some important tasks.

To be more precise, you are allowed to set an expiry date for the reserved data; this will make sure that the data doesn’t get wasted at the end of the billing cycle and besides that, it blocks other apps from using data after you’ve reached your allotted amount for the day.

The same Datally feature will also warn you when you’re running low on data, so you are always one step ahead what once used to take your by surprise. To set up the emergency bank feature, all you have to do is to input how much data you need to save up.

Google suggests you could use it to save enough data for an urgent message or to find a ride home. So, even if Datally was initially created as an app for those living in developing countries to manage their limited data, it can perfectly work for all of us not actually having unlimited data and looking for ways to be more strict with how much we use for streaming music and videos or playing games.

If you haven’t heard about this app before, but you are now willing to try it out, then take the Datally: mobile data-saving & WiFi app from the Play Store for free. Yes, it is globally available for download for all phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher, so nothing stops you from grabbing it.

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