See Lollipop Easter Egg on Samsung Galaxy S6

It has become a tradition that the latest Android Lollipop phones come with a secret game and be sure of the fact that your Samsung Galaxy S6 is no exception. In fact, with each new version of Android comes a new “Easter egg” animation hidden away in the Settings app.

For example, in the previous KitKat version, it was the dessert tray animation. In the Android L preview, there was a reference to the obscure “webdriver torso” YouTube mystery. As for the most recent or version of Lollipop, there is an interesting clone of the Flappy Bird game hiding from you.

Do you want to see Lollipop’s Easter egg on Samsung Galaxy S6? Be sure of the fact that I am here to help you. As I have said it before, Google actually put a full game inside Android and even though it followed Flappy Bird’s game mechanics, the graphics are completely updated for an Android theme.

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Even more, the main character is a flappy droid (and not a bird, as you might have been used to see before) and the obstacles are nothing else tan giant lollipops. It seems that the droid flaps from right to left and the game can be tricky, but it is up to you to gain control over it and earn as much points as possible. Do not hesiate to use the ticker which helps you keep track of all your earned points.

How to See Lollipop’s Easter egg on Samsung Galaxy S6:

  1. For the beginning, you have to open the Settings menu;
  2. After that, it’s time to check the General tap;
  3. Go to the “About phone” section;
  4. Then, go to software info;
  5. You have to tap the Android version entry no less than three times;
  6. You will see a colorful lollipop; you need to tap it until the game loads and that was all! Start playing!

Could this game be as viral as the phenomenon known as Flappy Bird? How do you find this Lollipop’s Easter egg? Have you been surprised by Google’s choice? Tell me your opinion in the comments area from below.

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