Protect your Web Browsing with Onavo Protect Free VPN+Data Manager

Most of you think that you are very safe over the internet for browsing lots of sites on your device. But that’s a misunderstanding as your web browser is permanently under attack. Aside from finding new and new ways to trick you into downloading and running malicious softwares, attackers mainly target flaws in your browser to compromise your Android handset.

Security is always the priority in any region. Similarly, secure browsing is a way to browse safely or say anonymously over the internet and if this is something that you have in mind too, then let me assure you that you can protect your Web Browsing with Onavo Protect Free VPN+Data Manager.

Onavo Protect Free VPN+Data Manager is an app that doubles as a mobile VPN to give you the very best in terms of protection. In addition to encrypting your data and keeping it safe from hackers when you’re on public Wi-Fi, Onavo also alerts users about any of their data-heavy apps that cause more harm than good or you may simply choose to set notifications when an app reaches a certain amount of data.

The same app takes things even further and limits apps to use Wi-Fi only, not to mention that it prevents apps from running in the background–and running up your data usage. This is how you can add an extra layer of security and data encryption and get the most from your phone via a simple app.

However, I must tell you from the start that the company is owned by Facebook, so I can only hope that you are willing to forget the latest fiasco regarding Facebook and its way of managing its users’ data. Facebook’s failures in ensuring privacy for user data are to be blamed, that’s for sure, but Protect Free VPN+Data Manager shouldn’t be tied to this scandal in any way.

Protect Free VPN+Data Manager waits for you on this Google Play link, so I am sure that you need no further instructions from me.

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