How to Automatically Skip YouTube Ads on Android

Youtube is one of the most popular platforms for watching and sharing all kinds of videos. But as we all know, every good thing has a dark side, and for YouTube, I know what it is: the annoying auto play ads, for sure and I bet that you agree with me.

While it is true that YouTube is free to use and ads are one of the ways by which they make a large amount of money, it is still irritating to wait for a few seconds to skip an ad to watch something you really want to.

I am sure that you don’t want to ever worry about these ads anymore. So, is there any way to automatically skip YouTube ads on Android? Yes, there is and the best part is that you don’t even need to be the owner of a rooted phone or a Xposed module for it to work.

However, for this trick to work, you have to allow installation from unknown sources. To do this, head over to Settings->Security->Unknown sources and there, tap on it to enable it.

Learn to Automatically Skip YouTube Ads on Android:

  1. First of all, open the developer’s thread on XDA. Here you have to download the APK to sideload Cygery AdSkip;
  2. Install it;
  3. Then, launch Cygery AdSkip;
  4. At that point, the app will prompt you to enable its accessibility service. So tap “OK” on this message;
  5. Up next, select the “Cygery AdSkip Service” entry on the following screen and enable the service using the toggle switch;
  6. Go back to Cygery AdSkip to finish setup. From here, make sure to leave the “Enabled” option ticked, though you may want to consider also disabling the “Mute audio during ad” option. As great as this feature might seem, it can cause minor delays in ad detection, so be careful about your choices.

Up to this point, whenever a YouTube ad appears, Cygery AdSkip will wait until the “Skip” button appears. After that it will instantly press it for you. And if you opted to leave the “Mute audio” option enabled, you will not even be hearing the sound of them playing.

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