Privacy Screen Guard & Filter and its special Privacy Shade Feature

Are you looking for a way to block people from peeping into your apps, notifications and private life while being on the bus, at work or school and so on? Privacy Screen Guard & Filter is the app that I am thinking about as being ideal for your desires which are far from impossible. Don’t you know how to use it? That’s why I am here for in the first place.

As the name suggests, this app gives you the chance to surf the web or chat on your favorite social media with the help of the privacy shade feature. Privacy shade allows you to keep people away from peeping into your phone by the using a shade that covers the entire screen, except for the part that you have chosen to be made visible in a small window.

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In such a way, you can surf and respond privately to your sensitive data, emails, as well as chats and stop worrying that your neighbors or coworkers could take a peek. And if you tend to use your phone or tablet a lot in the later hours, then I am sure that you know about all the warnings about how this can cause some pretty bad eye strain. This app knows is too, so I am sure that you will love to discover that you can easily adjust the transparency to suit your environment which is also useful for night time reading and acts as an eye protector.

Privacy Screen shade can also be used as night mode and theater mode as a screen dimmer to also protect your eyes from the excessive brightness. With that comes the comfort that you need both for your body and for your private life. Can you refuse the app knowing all these?

Privacy Screen Guard & Filter can be grabbed from here.

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