Disable Text Message Popup Previews on Galaxy S9 Plus

Galaxy S9 Plus is an amazing device and I love to discover more about it each day. What do you think of those Text Message Popup Previews on your Galaxy S9 Plus? I have always said it: making use of the preview message depends on the level of privacy you would like to maintain with your handset’s messages.

Well, this popup shows who the message is from and a preview of the conversation. That’s pretty useful, and I am sure of the fact that the preview message feature saves you a lot of time, yet you should better think twice before deciding that this is what you want.

As you probably know, this can also get you in trouble at work, or display sensitive information. If you don’t want any prying eyes to have a glimpse of your message, then you have only one thing to do: you should better disable Text Message Popup Previews on your Galaxy S9 Plus. And if you ever change your mind, then let me assure you that enabling and disabling the preview message feature is a reversible process that can be followed at any time. So, you can do with it if you really want to with the help of the detailes steps right here:

How to Disable Text Message Popup Previews on your Galaxy S9 Plus:

  1. At first, you must switch on your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone;
  2. Then, you should tap on the Messages from the Applications settings;
  3. Go to your home screen, then tap on Settings in order to access the Galaxy S9 settings;
  4. Tap the 3-dots menu button at the top right, and select Settings;
  5. Now, it’s time to click on Notifications;
  6. Then, tap on “More settings in app”;
  7. Next, you just have to uncheck the Preview Message option and you are good to go.

Was this guide helpful or not for your situation? I surely hope that it was, but you can always ask for more help in the comments area from below.

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