How to Solve OnePlus 5 Sound Issues

The OnePlus 5 seems to be grappling with multiple bugs and this includes sound issues when you talk on the phone. Such sort of your problems on the OnePlus 5 sound that may be giving you headaches, so it’s time to put an end to this situation.

Some of the problems noticed on the OnePlus 5 include sound issues when talking on their phones, usually, these problems arise when there is issues with the Bluetooth and the sound is not that loud on your OnePlus 5. Even more, it looks like it’s not just the display but even the handset’s audio is inverted.

Yes, the bug affects the audio when recording video. The audio recording is completely messed up during the playback, so see what you can do about all these:

How to Solve OnePlus 5 Sound Issues:

  1. For the problem mentioned before, it seems that when recording, if the users record the video with the home button to the left (which is considered to be the proper orientation for OnePlus 5), the users do not face any issues during playback, but recording the other way leads to recording issues. While it boils down to personal preference in holding a device while recording, many users are uncomfortable holding the device ‘correctly’ and while recording a video, tend not to pay attention to the exact orientation, keeping just the recording in mind;
  2. For the other sound issues, a break is always more than welcomed. Therefore, just make sure you turn off your OnePlus 5. Remove your SIM card then put the SIM card back in and turn on the OnePlus 5;
  3. You may have debris, dirt, and dust in the microphone, so don’t hesitate to clean the microphone using compressed air and check if the audio problem on the OnePlus 5 is indeed fixed after that;
  4. The Bluetooth may also lead to such audio issues like yours. My advice is such a case is to make sure the Bluetooth device is turned off and check and see whether this will fix you audio problem on your OnePlus device.

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