Use QuickCircle Case feature on LG G4

You know how easy is to damage your brand new LG smartphone, but you are also aware of the fact that repairs are a major pain. In such a case, getting a protective case is the ideal solution and it is only up to you to give your G4 a different look, to maintain the one existing for the sake of protection, to extend its battery life or to find a multi-functional model.

There are plenty of options to choose from, that’s for sure, but if you have already decided that Quick Circle is for you, then you must also learn to use the QuickCircle Case feature on your LG G4 device.

First of all, is the Quick Circle case what you really need? For those who are still undecided, let me tell you that the large circle cut-out is used to display information at a glance without requiring you to unlock the smartphone.

You can easily check the time, make calls, send messages, see the latest notifications, use widgets, use the camera (in portrait/landscape mode), play games and not only. Even more, LG also supports developers to create their own apps for the Quick Circle case and it wants to transform the way that you are using the handset.

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The LG G4 does not come with support for wireless charging out of the box from any carrier, but it seems that the wireless charging Quick Circle case replaces the original back that comes on the handset . This is recommended if you want the features of the Quick Circle case and even though you cannot choose a leather Quick Circle case (the leather LG G4 version is a real success), there are other options to choose from such as Pink, Silver, Gold, White or Blue.

And there is a second model as well – I am talking about the Quick Circle Snap On case which doesn’t replace the original back cover and it doesn’t add wireless charging either, but it gently snaps over the phone, offering you the protection that you hope to get for your device.

If you are still not convinced, note that the front of the Quick Circle Case is made up of woven material that feels incredibly soft, while the front cover will also protect your screen against unwanted scratches. And if you ever drop your phone face down, keep in mind that it will also protect the screen from breaking on concrete surfaces.

With all these being said, there is a dedicated feature for G4 users enjoying the QuickCircle case. You must enable this feature as long as it lets you open some apps, which you can select from the list of the apps. To enable this feature, you have to go to the Settings app and swipe over the tab to general. Now, you just have to tap on the QuickCircle case and no less important, do not forget to toggle the button to On. That was all, so start enjoying it!

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