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Have you heard about CamFind for Android? This amazing app is truly unique as long as it lets you take a picture of any object to learn more about it. All you have to do is to open CamFind and take a picture of an object. Trust me when I am saying that this Android app will identify it within a matter of seconds and you will be listed with search results related to that specific object.

So, here you have what it can be called the first successful Android mobile visual search engine that gives you the possibility to search for anything in the physical world with the help of your Android device by just by taking a picture. And more interesting functions are waiting to be discovered in order to use CamFind at its maximum potential:

  • CamFind comes with a very useful speak function. If you cannot take the picture of the object that you want to know more about for any reason, you can talk to your Android phone with the help of this the speak function;
  • Do you plan visiting a foreign country? Are you worried about the potential language barriers? Do you know that there is also a translator function which helps in recognizing the accurate translation of the object there is front of you? Take a photo and the problem will be solved;
  • You can also choose to upload and save images to or from Camera Roll. QR and Barcode Scanner, Voice Search, text search are some of the many functions that have been included in CamFind;
  • No less important, you can compare prices over online shopping or get related places and find addresses, you get Online Shopping support, Film Poster/DVD Recognition, QR and Barcode Scanner and much, much more than that.

After all, Image Searcher is a Los Angeles-based tech company specialized in nothing else than image recognition and mobile visual search. In such conditions, there is no wonder that CamFind uses CloudSight image recognition API in order to provide the best results within seconds and that people already love using it. Eugenio Culurciello, founder of TeraDeep states that “While most companies have focused on computer-based content tagging of images, CamFind has user human annotators to create one of the largest image dataset validated by humans, with more than 20 times the amount of images of the largest datasets”.

In such conditions, CamFind has the impressive ability to compete with internet giants such as Facebook or even Google, “in the amount of data they have collected and the quality of the data”.

And even more, there is a special version of its CamFind image recognition app that works with Google’s Glass wearable device. That means that a Glass wearer can look at a certain object and CamFind will identify it right away. CamFind can offer an accurate answer for an image query within no more than 12 seconds, as Dominik Mazur, chief executive of Los Angeles-based Image Searcher revealed, so what are you waiting for? Just give it a try!

Take CamFind from here.

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