Notification History Log helps you Get Back Lost Notifications in Android

Android’s notification system is awesome. Except when you accidentally clear all, but not before catching a quick glimpse of a message you need to read. Even if you don’t like the sound of it, the truth is that notifications get bundled up, so you end up clearing them without giving it a look. Think you might have missed something important? Now you can easily get back lost notifications in your Android device with the help of a special app known as Notification History Log.

Why have I decided to tell you more about this app? Well, it comes as a free download in the Play Store and is incredibly simple to set up and use, so go ahead and give it a shot. This is actually one of the few applications you can use in order to retrieve all your old notifications in handsets running on stock Android and not only.

With this app, you can have access to Notification History Log where you can find old notifications that you cleared recently. To be more precise, Notification History Log keeps a log of all notifications (up to one day old, but you can pay for a more far-reaching history), and after you activate the Advanced History settings, it lets you bring up the app responsible for those notifications.

You can also choose to blacklist certain apps and customize what gets recorded for recovery, to open Advanced View by default or Filter Notifications and save precious time. Taking all these in consideration, all that I can say in the end is that this is quite an useful app, even with the features from the free version.

How did you recover lost notifications, when accidentally deleting them from your Android smartphone? Do let me and other readers know in the comment sections below. And if you have no better option, but you need some help, then be sure that Notification History Log waits for you right now on this direct Google Play link.

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