One-handed Shooting with LG G5 Cam Plus

When looking at the LG G5 for the first time, I am sure that you will immediately notice the special camera setup that is available with the device. LG made things different this time and the standard lens construction is coupled with a wide angle lens, with the latter allowing for a 135 degree field of view. If this idea sounds familiar, then let me remind you that the very same company has used this arrangement on the front camera of another device – LG V10 – and it is a real success, that is for sure.

LG G5’s camera, like other G series phones from LG, is one of those which can truly take amazing pictures, making you eager to try it out and to keep using it as much as possible. However, this doesn’t change the fact that one-handed shooting is far from a joy and sometimes, it spoils all the fun you could have.

Is there something to do about it? Well, if you don’t already know it, LG G5’s party trick is the slot where special modules fit in to enhance the phone’s functionality, and one interesting one is none other than the Cam Plus which is designed to make the G5 even better for photographers to use.

Don’t you know what’s the idea of this Cam Plus? I was also skeptical, but first of all, take in consideration the fact that G5 is the only real smartphone that offers hardware modularity, so Cam Plus comes as a camera grip that adds button controls to operate the phone’s camera.

Replacing the standard module is not at all a complicated procedure either, but all you have to do is to unlatch the bottom bezel, pull it out with the battery, take that battery off and attach it to the camera module. After doing these, just slide the whole shebang into the bottom of the device and here you go!

On the grip you can find a hard shutter button for still photos, as well as separate button for video recording, along with a dial to zoom in and out and to easily switch between the two rear lenses. I want to be clear about the fact that this doesn’t enhance the quality of images on its own, though it does help you shoot with a steadier hand or to focus with your free hand by tapping wherever you want on the screen.

And I have to inform you that the grip itself adds an extra 1,200mAh to the handset’s 2,800mAh battery, but one-handed shooting becomes way much easier, so this compromise is one that should be taken with no hesitation.

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