Galaxy S9 Plus: Delete Duplicate Music and Audio Files with Samsung Assistant Software

In order to keep your data safe from accidental deletion, you prefer to keep a backup of your data on external devices or on Cloud servers. When you access this data to back up on your Galaxy S9 Plus device, it happens sometimes to take a backup of some files which already exist. These files include pictures, videos, documents, as well as music and audio files and it can be very annoying as it leads to duplicates.

De-duplication is a must since it helps you improve your device’s speed and performance significantly. More storage space also means less cluttered data, not to mention that additional space available on device RAM translates into a seamless performance. With these being said, this guide shows you how to delete duplicate music and audio files with Samsung Assistant Software.

With the help of this software, you can move music from your S9 Plus phone to a computer, or delete songs directly with one click, to create new space for new files in your device. So, let’s see what you must do:

Delete Duplicate Music and Audio Files with Samsung Assistant Software:

  1. At first, you have to download and install Samsung Assistant Software on your computer; choose between Windows or Mac versions;
  2. Start the program;
  3. Then, take the USB cable to connect your Samsung S9 Plus device to the computer;
  4. At this point, the Android program should recognize your Samsung S9 Plus device immediately;
  5. All files in your Samsung device will be scanned and displayed in categories, so click on the Music option from the left to show all the audio files on your device on the right side window;
  6. Up next, you just have to choose the duplicate music files you want to remove;
  7. Then, tap on the Delete button from the top menu bar to remove them from your S9 Plus.

Have you completed the steps from above? Do you need any extra help? Now, it may also be the time to freshen up your music selection.

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