How to Enjoy iMessage as an Android User

We have all seen more than once that Microsoft and Google have no problem when it comes to bringing their apps and services to rival platforms. However, things are different for Apple as it likes to keep its goodies as far away from Android as possible. In such conditions, I must admit that Pie Message is an interesting open source project that tries to bring iMessage to Android users.

Many believed that iMessage has no chance to get official Android support, but thanks to the efforts of a developer going by  bboyairwreck”, things look more promising. The idea is that use you can make it work, but you must use your Mac as the messaging server.

So, Pie Message will send a text to your Mac, which will finally send that message through the real iMessage service.

The truth is that isn’t the first time a developer has brought iMessage support to Android, but previous implementations have used remote servers and have been considered a security risk as a result. PieMessage is different. Instead of using a remote server, a Mac is enough and this also removes all the security risks associated with other iMessage-to-Android workarounds before it. And even better, the app is completely open source which means that other developers can help and improve the app over time and you can see exactly how the app is sending the data.

With all the enthusiasm around this change, I still have to tell you that the service is limited at the moment. Developer Eric Chee has noted that Pie Message can receive group messages, but there are serious issues when it comes to sending messages or photos. He also said that it is possible that Apple could patch Mac OS X to break the project in the future, but maybe Apple will do things differently this time and will continue to allow it. And even though photos and group messaging aren’t fully functional, the developer is clear about the fact that improved photos and group messaging support should arrive in a future update.

For those switching from an iPhone to Android, PieMessage could make the change much easier. Or maybe you want to give it a try out of curiosity only and I don’t blame you!

Quite the opposite, liking it is not cheating your beloved Android, so for those with a Mac and looking to compile PieMessage into an APK or incorporating it into an app of your own using its custom API, the Github link is waiting for you right here.

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