Easily Create Folders on your OnePlus 5T

With such an amazing set of specs and intuitive features, this new OnePlus 5T flagship can no longer be mistaken for a simple midrange handset. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a smooth and fast software experience with OxygenOS, the company’s refined operating system built on Android?

Even more, the camera and processor are able to rival that of most other flagships out there, but what really makes the One stand out is the software behind it and the simplicity of using it.

Do you want to easily Create Folders on your OnePlus 5T and maintain order? In such a case, my advice is to keep on reading this guide as it contains the piece of info you are looking for.

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Dragging the selected app to another app that you want to have in the same folder is the easiest way to create a new folder on the OnePlus 5T. You can repeat the very same operation with all the apps that you want to be in the same folder.

Easily Create Folders on your OnePlus 5T:

  1. For the start, you need to turn on your OnePlus 5T;
  2. Press and hold the app on your Home screen;
  3. It’s time to move the app to the top corner of the screen and then move it to the New Folder option;
  4. Up next, rename the New Folder to what you want;
  5. Tap done on the keyboard;
  6. Then, don’t hesitate to move other apps that you wish to be part of this folder using the above steps. Do you see how simple it can be?

With any Android device, there is customization everywhere, so you should better keep on exploring more tutorials:

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