Turn On Double Tap on Galaxy Note 8

Samsung always does its best when it comes to including amazing features with any new smartphone that they produce. Such an example is none other than the Always on Display mode that comes with the Galaxy Note 8 device. The Always On display features a setting that allows you to see your most frequently accessed features (time, date, and notifications) on your screen without having to turn the display on.

This is ideal, you know it, yet were you expecting the Double Tap feature? This can be normally used to wake up and also send your phone to sleep, but you see that the Korean manufacturer decided to include the Always on Display feature on your Note 8 device too.

In order to use the double tap feature, you will have to install a third party app at your choice, because this is not a feature that Samsung offers. The truth is that there are various apps that you can download from the Play Store that are designed to provide you this precise Double tap feature.

Many of these apps will do what they claim they can– I am talking about allowing you to access your screen and turn off the display with just a simple double tap. However, let me be clear about something else too: you will have to run this app in the background at all times in order to use its functions. Therefore, you should realize that these apps will increase how quick your battery drains.

But if you are ok with this, you can always uninstall the app at a later point. So, what do you say? Don’t you want to try it out?

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