How to Change Font Style and Font Size on your OnePlus 5

Don’t you want to make your OnePlus 5 more unique? I do not say that it is not a great device, but I love that it is powerful and fast, the fact that the new dual camera uses no less than two sensors in order to create a focal separation between subject and environment, managing to actually put the focus on the face you’re capturing while progressively blurring the background for a subtle effect, while you can also open more apps and switch between them instantly with up to 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM, not to mention the Intelligent App Prioritizing technology which learns your usage patterns to launch important apps more quickly, keeping intrusive apps from draining the juice out of the battery so fast.

Yes, all these are great, but all users enjoy such features and specs. What you can do is giving a personalized touch to the handset and the Font Style and Font Size are a great place to start doing it.

The steps below will make you see how easy it really is to change the font style on your OnePlus 5. And there is not a thing that might affect your handset, so even newbies can apply them with no fear:

How to Change Font Style and Font Size on your OnePlus 5:

  1. Turn on your OnePlus smartphone;
  2. Then, you must locate Menu;
  3. Select Settings;
  4. Click on Display;
  5. Now, choose Font;
  6. At the ‘Font Style’ page, you see some fonts like:
    Chocolate Cooky
    Cool Jazz
    OnePlus Sans
    Download Fonts;
  7. Also notice that you have the choice to look at the font style and size at the top of your screen;
  8. If you do not prefer any of the default colors or font styles, then who says that you cannot choose to download more fonts that you love and seem to be ideal for your device? If this is what you also want, just find the way to your Play Store and enter “Download fonts”. There you can view a variety of more option that you are able to download, so make a choice.

After you have followed the steps here mentioned, you will be able to change the font style and font size on OnePlus 5. Keep in mind the fact that you can always comment below if you are stuck on any of the steps mentioned above. In such a case, be sure of the fact that I will get back to you with an appropriate answer as soon as possible.

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