Avira Antivirus Security – One of the Best Security Apps for Android

The subject of security for the Android platform is once again in the center of attention. Many have wondered if they really need an antivirus app on their smartphone and the truth is that there is no universal answer to this question. It seems that this depends on whether you sideload apps, but there’s no denying that malware can get into your Android device in so many other ways.

For example, there are so many malware developers who wrap a malicious code around a cracked app. Since people are getting a paid app for free, they are not so interested on checking out the sources. Now, the app will work normally and you’ll be able to use it, but the malicious code will also be there, run in the background and collect data.

The best part is that security apps have improved and they are able to keep such threats away. One such example is Avira Antivirus Security and trust me when I say that giving it a try is the best thing to do in all cases.

With a 99.9 percent detection rate and no false positives, the free version of Avira is a bless as it can truly keep your Android device safe. Avira gives you the possibility to scan all apps for potential trouble and it scans even new apps or updates automatically. Even more, with the help of this security app, you can find your lost or stolen phone and enjoy various anti-theft tools that let you find your device remotely, lock it, wipe it if there is no chance to find it ever again, or trigger an alarm (you can also Use Timeline to track your Lost Android Device, Use Dropbox to Find your Stolen Android Phone or take advantage of this guide to Secure any Android device and Recover a Stolen smartphone/tablet).

As for the Identity safeguard & blacklist, you can verify whether you or you contacts’ email addresses have been leaked in a 3rd party security breach. If it’s the case, don’t hesitate to notify your contacts if their email address has been compromised, blacklist any unwanted contacts and block and unblock calls and SMS messages from any number.

Its minimalist design fits in perfectly with the Android platform, so you can easily shield your devices (smartphones, tablets, phablets) from malware. For that, just grab Avira Antivirus Security by accessing this direct link.

There is also a premium version that adds anti-phishing, more regular updates, as well as better support, but I am aware of the fact that the free version covers enough bases for most Android users these days.

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