Enjoy Android N Night Mode with F.lux

iOS users finally have the Night Shift feature on their handsets as this one was rolled out in iOS 9.3, but what about all of those using Android? Is your device old and are you afraid that this can be a problem? Be sure of the fact that there is a similar nighttime viewing feature that can be enjoyed with the help of the most popular screen filter app f.lux which brings Android N’s Night mode to older phones too.

Android N’s Night mode is created to give users a good night’s sleep and the pace of mind that filtering the blue light emitting from your phone’s screen during the night will reduce eyestrain. In such conditions, when using your Android phone during the night and experiencing trouble falling asleep, this app is the best solution.

However, don’t you even imagine that this is all that you can get. On the contrary, F.lux is full of surprises and it has many other features to offer such as options for selecting different screen filters, a darkroom mode, various wake up time settings and more. In order to enjoy these, the app requires a rooted phone or otherwise it will not do that much.

However, note that F.lux is nothing more than a preview version, so I have to warn you from the very beginning about the fact that it is not fully functional yet. It seems that it works on most rooted Lollipop and Marshmallow devices, but there are many Samsung Galaxy devices that are not compatible with the app.

There are several apps on Play store that can also bring such a Night mode on Android without root access, but they only provide basic features or don’t even work as they should. That is why I strongly advise you to stop searching and see if the app can work on your device.

Download f.lux app directly from the Play store with the help of this direct link.

And since we are at the sleeping chapter, be sure that there are more apps that can be used on your Android device, as well as guides that you can easily apply on it; here you can find some of them:

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  • Fall Asleep to your Favorite Music with Android Sleep Timer. Haven’t you heard of this app up to this point? Just start your favorite music, set the countdown timer and at the end of the countdown, the app will softly fade your music out and stop it. What can it be better than this? You already know the answer to that!

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