How to Fix Galaxy S7 Edge Bluetooth Errors

When it comes to Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge, it is so much improved on hardware, software, and design as well, so I know why you have chosen this smartphone too. However, there are always those small bugs that annoy the heck out of the owners, but you should relax. Every single problem has its little Android tips and tricks for solving and your Galaxy S7 Edge Bluetooth errors are no exception to that.

Some Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Bluetooth problems are still unknown and the Korean company has not published any hardware or software bug reports so far, but you know that they exist and you are not the only one in this position.

Well, I am not just talking about the Bluetooth causing WiFi problems (WiFi seems to work just fine with Bluetooth is off, but once you change that, WiFi starts acting crazy), but there are also issues with Android Auto not connecting right, and even some 3rd party accessories, not to mention the usual connection problems with car audio or stereo systems.

These things should not happen and it’s time to take action:

How to Fix Galaxy S7 Edge Bluetooth Errors:

  • First of all, toggle the Bluetooth off; for that to be possible, go to Settings and from Connections tab, select Bluetooth. Then, just toggle it off and turn it back on after only a few seconds;
  • Another simple trick that works most of the time is to clear the Bluetooth data with these clear the cache steps. The cache allows for the temporary data to be stored for better help when switching between apps, so here’s what you must do:
  1. Enter into Settings;
  2. Browse for the Application Manager;
  3. Display All Tabs by swiping either right or left;
  4. Select on Bluetooth;
  5. Select to stop it by force;
  6. Now, you can clear the cache;
  7. Select clear the Bluetooth data as well;
  8. Confirm your action by tapping Ok;
  9. Restart the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone and I hope that Bluetooth is no longer an issue;
  • Another tip that you can apply is similar to one of those WiFi fixes that I’ve told you about every time: from Bluetooth settings, select the Forget option before reconnecting it back;
  • You can also try booting into Safe Mode to see if there are any other apps possibly creating problems with the Bluetooth. For that, you may use this guide on How to Restart your Galaxy S7 Edge in Safe Mode.

If you have any other solution that you want to recommend us, don’t hesitate to enlighten me and the other readers. Also give us feedback if this guide worked out for you.

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