Discover Galaxy S9 AR Emojis

You already know that the Galaxy S9 smartphone is a solid upgrade over past Samsung phones and comes as the ideal choice for anyone who wants a very powerful device that looks gorgeous. Speaking of the camera, we first learned about the Galaxy S9’s new camera from a leaked image of the box and we have been thrilled about that. After all, the brightest spot of Samsung devices has long been its camera.

While the list of specs on the packaging didn’t give away much, because many of the details have been carried over from the Galaxy S8, the rear shooter looked like a notable upgrade in the form of a new 3-stack ISOCELL sensor and now we have the official confirmation for that, along with a super-slow-motion mode that helps capture key moments of action, a special Food Mode, a nifty option to zoom in and out of your frames easily, a new type of lens designed to work better in the dark. and much, much more.

Besides that, you no longer have to depend on third-party apps for the AR Stickers since the device comes with a surprise. The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with an integrated AR Emoji option, which creates an animated avatar of you or your friends as it mirrors facial expressions. Samsung’s version turns you into a cartoon based on a selfie, just like in the concept behind Snapchat’s Bitmoji app.

The fun part is that the device creates a set of no less than 18 different stickers that you can share across most of the messaging platforms. And it is up to you to customize features like hair and clothing, add accessories, so go wild and turn yourself and others into characters such as a crazy looking bunny or a smiley cat.

All you need is to open up the camera app, switch to the front-facing camera, then choose AR Emoji from the options at the top. Once you’ve taken the photo in cause, take a closer look at the various options that pop up. While the personalized AR emoji feature does a solid job of mimicking, it is only up to you to use it. What do you think of it?

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