Change Settings in LG G4 Auto Mode

LG G4 owners have very little to complain about when it comes to capturing the special moments of their life. After all, they have an improved 16 megapixel f1.8 lens that perform great in any situation, an improved optical image stabilization to prevent photos from being blurry, a full-on manual mode where they get full manual control over the smartphone – elements that work together for offering one of the most capable smartphone cameras on the market.

Even more, LG G4’s Lollipop software gives you the possibility to control the camera settings. The phone has three main modes. For those simple operations that you want to perform, the Simple mode shows just a blank preview screen; you just have to press on your subject and the LG G4 will focus and take a photo. The Manual Mode is a joy to use, while the Auto mode of the LG G4 is generally excellent, with vivid colours and a very easy interface that you cannot complain about.

If you’re not happy with the idea of changing the settings, the G4’s defaults will definitely serve you well, but there are also some settings in this Auto mode that you should know more about.

Change Settings in LG G4 Auto Mode:

  • Turn on guidelines under the Settings menu in order to help you frame your photos according to the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is nothing more than an useful guideline that states that a picture is more interesting if the important elements of the image lie on one of the grid lines or their intersections;
  • You know that the G4’s camera uses a widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio sensor and I think that this option is good as it is. However, if you don’t want as much detail as possible, there are other options to choose from: the squarish 4:3 or the 1:1 one, but be careful; if you are choosing any of these, you will end up chopping off the sides;
  • Quick Shot isn’t always a good thing especially if you have just started using the phone, so disable it. Double-tapping the volume down key is the ideal method to instantly launch into the camera app, but this also means that the camera also instantly takes a photo when it’s launched and you know that this could turn into a problem of taking photos even when you don’t want such a thing;
  • LG G4 can record 4K (Ultra HD) video for up to no more than five minutes at a time. 4K mode is disabled by default, so the G4 shoots at 1080p out of the box, but you can always choose to make the change to the 4K option;
  • Auto HDR should remain On, just as I find the Shortcut keys more than useful too.

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