Port LG G4 Apps APKs on LG G3

With the release of LG’s latest G4, there are big chances for the G3 users to feel left behind. The new device has an amazing Lollipop based software which has so many interesting features, so if you only own the LG G3 model, I know that you are a bit jealous on the happy owners of its successor.

The new LG G4 Home has such a smooth interface, its Music and Video players come with major changes to the look and feel of the overall UI, while the Exposure Settings and all DSLR-like features from the camera software are more than tempting. However, I am not here to make your day even harder, but on the contrary, I want to help you. Don’t you also want to enjoy the LG G4 apps APKs on your own LG G3 smartphone?

Developer LastStandingDroid over at XDA managed to take the LG G4 system dump, to grab some of the new apps from it and port them over to the LG G3 flagship version from the last year. The list is more than generous and it includes the following LG G4 Apps APKs:

  • LGMusic
  • LGVideo
  • LGHome
  • LGCamera
  • LGFileManager
  • LGContacts & LGContactsProvider
  • LGMusicWidget
  • LGGallery
  • LGConciergeBoard
  • Calendar
  • LGVideo
  • LGMediaFolder
  • LGVoiceRecorder

Do you want to take advantage of them? First of all, backup important files stored on your phone and keep in mind that there are some bugs that might make you change your mind such as the fact that tapping Delete gives FC in Gallery, the Camera Manual Mode is only partially working and shooting video in manual mode isn’t saved.

Are you willing to accept these errors? Also note that the procedure will void the warranty of your device and that I assume no responsibility if any damage occurs to your LG G3 or to any of its components. And the operation will work only if you’re on V20I Lollipop firmware on your LG G3 and if you have previously rooted it. Following the installation guide you can download your desired apps on the G3 smartphone, so let’s proceed:

Enjoy LG G4 Apps APKs ported for your LG G3:

  1. For the start, just extract the .zip files of each app you downloaded from above;
  2. You will get two files:
    .APK file
    “lib” folder
  3. Transfer them to your LG G3;
  4. You need a file manager app that allows root access on your handset such as ES File Explorer app;
    take it from here;
  5. Install it;
  6. Next, open it;
  7. Enable “Root Explorer” from tools section;
  8. Go to the folder where you saved files;
  9. Copy the .apk and lib folder;
  10. Then navigate to system/app/ directory;
  11. Paste all the APKs one by one;
  12. Now set permission for the file to 0644 [rw- r– r–];
  13. Repeat this process for each of the applications that you’ve downloaded before;
  14. Once you replace all the files, just reboot your LG G3.

Enjoy the ported applications on your phone! If you have any queries, do not hesitate to tell me more in the comments section below.

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