Solve Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Rotation Issues

Are you a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge owner? Then, you probably know about those reports about an occasional problem experienced by users with the Galaxy S6 Edge’s ability to automatically rotate the screen between portrait and landscape. The actual problem is that the display can get stuck in one of the orientations and it doesn’t want to switch back and it has been reported on Edge devices on carriers outside the U.S. as well, including New Zealand and Hong Kong.

We must tell you that we still don’t know for sure if this is some sort of a hardware problem with the accelerometer or nothing more than a software issue. At this point, there are several theories about what causes the problem. Some say that Samsung’s heat generated through fast-charging the battery affects the chip that controls the accelerometer sensor and this makes the rotation of images on the display not to work properly any longer, while others claim that certain apps on the Edge have not been updated sufficiently to be compatible with recent minor Android OS updates. That lack of compatibility is reflected on the auto-rotation.

And we have even heard some theories blaming the gyroscope for all these problems or a third-party known as Nova Launcher, but not when using TouchWiz, which is Samsung’s own front-end touch interface. The Nova Launcher app replaces a user’s home screen with one that is customizable and in one way or another, it could affect the screen rotation.

You can check if the phone is stuck by going into the dialler, then type *#0*# and click Sensor. In such a case, you might find out that the X axis co-ordinate is stuck at -32768. We know that the S6 Edge’s large screen might accommodate in either orientation, but you are not supposed to give up in a battle without trying. You’ve paid for something else, so take action.

Samsung said that a solution is already available, but it wasn’t clear whether it is related to the device’s hardware or its software. In an official statement a Samsung spokeswoman said: “Samsung is aware of an issue affecting screen rotation on a very limited number of Galaxy S6 Edge devices and a solution is already available. Owners who believe their device may be affected should call 1-800-SAMSUNG for support.”

How to Solve Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Rotation Issues:

Well, according to Samsung’s technicians, users affected by the auto-rotate problem are being asked to test the faulty device by first going to “safe mode” to allow the phone to operate without third-party apps loaded by the user.

If the problem persists after that test, then users are asked to try a hard reset and they will be guided all the way. And this is exactly what we can help you to do as well:

Here you can find the preparatory steps:

Hard reset your smartphone by using the internal settings:

  1. Tap on Menu;
  2. Go to Settings;
  3. Choose “User and Backup”;
  4. From there, you must also select “Wipe Data Factory Reset”;
  5. Agree with the prompts;
  6. Choose if you want or not to wipe the SD card or not;
  7. Have patience while the data is being erased.

Hard reset your smartphone by using Recovery mode:

  1. Turn off your Galaxy S6 Edge device;
  2. Enter it in recovery mode;
  3. From recovery mode, select the “wipe data factory reset” option;
  4. You can also select “wipe cache partition” followed by “wipe dalvik cache”;
  5. Wait while the data is being erased;
  6. Then, choose “reboot system now” from main menu of recovery.

It is obviously that Samsung’s technicians indicate the problem is related to incompatible software, but we are still waiting for more details!

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