Lock the Touchscreen in Any App with Blocky for Android

Kids these days don’t even want to take a closer look at their lunch without their favorite video playing on your Android smartphone. I have seen my nephews doing that all the time and I am not here to give you a morality lesson, but I think that you are old enough to take your own decisions.

Kids can be really stubborn and parents have no other real choice but to play their videos to entertain them. This is why I bet that you need to think of some Android apps to lock the touchscreen of your phone, but at the same time keep your screen awake. This way, your kids will be able to enjoy videos and calls without access over the touch screen and you can rest assured that nothing crazy will happen.

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Speaking of that, don’t tell me that you never heard of Blocky – Touch Blocker. The app I mentioned above would come in handy when you would like to hand over your device to your kids. Like that, you can easily you can prevent any touches on the screen, no matter what app you are using.

Once you install the app, it will ask you to enable the accessibility settings and it’s necessary to gain control over the hardware navigation buttons if your phone has them. Configuring the app is pretty simple and the app will guide you step-by-step.

You must basically tap on the Block Screen notification in the notification drawer and you can turn it from anywhere. When turning on the lock feature, you cannot touch anything, not even the back or home button. Then, in order to to turn it off, simply tap the hidden lock button. Can all these sound familiar to you? Join the club! So, that was how you can lock screen interactions of your Android device with the help of Blocky – Touch Blocker. Your device is finally child-safe and your little one can enjoy his meal.

Enough with the talking, but let’s better jump into action. Take the Blocky – Touch Blocker app from here and waste no more time.

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